Maintaining and Cleaning Your Snorkel Gear

Even though you usually use your snorkel gear in shallow waters to see coral and other marine species, it can acquire grit and grime over time which may cause it to be damaged. Keeping your snorkel gear clean and in a good shape is important to remember to do so after each outing. Here are […]

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Snorkeling Safety Tips

Snorkeling is a water activity that is much easier to learn compared to surfing and scuba diving. However, there are still some accidents that can happen during this activity if your not careful. That is why it is important to follow rules to avoid accidents so you will have an enjoyable experience. Here are some […]

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The Top 25 Snorkeling Destinations in the World

Snorkeling is one of the activities that are offered in beaches and everyone enjoys it no matter what age. It allows us to see the how wonderful the underwater is. If you’re planning to go snorkeling, check out these twenty-five best snorkeling destinations in the world. 1. The Maldives Being one of the most beautiful […]

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Kids Snorkel Set? Finding The Best Gear Available Online!

Most of the articles on my website are catered to adult divers and snorkelers looking for the best gear options, but kids love snorkeling just as much as grownups. If you’re nurturing a family of fellow snorkelers, or you’re getting ready to treat the kids to some fun activities on your next Hawaii trip, I’ve […]

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The Best Snorkeling Mask Available To Buy This Year [2016]

Ready to start diving? Free diving and snorkeling are relaxing hobbies that tens of millions of people around the world enjoy every year. Diving underwater gives people an exhilarating feeling of freedom that few other things can match. Going into an ocean, lake, or reservoir with proper diving gear makes things even more interesting. When […]

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