What Type of Ocean Life Can You See While Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a fun way of exploring and discovering many things underwater. It is a way of enjoying and appreciating the ocean life. Coral reefs and different species of fish are the most common things we see while snorkeling. But did you know that the type of ocean life we see may differ depending on where we would go snorkeling? This is what makes snorkeling more exciting, it enables us to see different things and experience different types of ocean life in every snorkeling spot we go to. You might be wondering what other types of ocean life you can

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Tips for Snorkeling with Children

Going to the beach is one of the best bonding activities the whole family can enjoy. You can go on a swim and build sand castles together. But if you want to do a different activity on your next trip to the beach, your whole family can try snorkeling. It’s a great idea to introduce […]

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Greatest Shipwreck Treasures Ever Found

The most famous shipwreck in the history of mankind is Titanic, but aside from that, there are thousands of shipwrecks that occurred in our massive ocean and along with those shipwrecks, are treasures being discovered. There are many valuable shipwreck treasures that are yet to be found and recovered that’s why treasure hunting and wreck […]

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